Industrial Advisory Board

As part of our exploitation strategy we promote an active network with industry stakeholders within the framework of our so-called Industrial Advisory board (IAB) to

  • keep up with the scientific and industrial development of project-related innovative technologies and appropriate standards that are responsive to the constant changes in the scientific environment.
  • receive industrie's advice on technology and product innovation to identify exploitation trends that will position the StemCellFactory to meet the future challenges.
  • sustain a forum for scientific, technical and economic exchange between academia and industry based on the objectives and deliverables of the StemCellFactory project.
  • develop a technology roadmap that secures a market-driven further (co)-development of the project results.


Key objectives of the StemCellFactory III project:

  • Fully automated reprogramming of peripheral blood mononuclear cells derived from patient blood samples
  • Fully automated genome editing using CRISPR/Cas technology
  • GMP compliant risk, data and quality management for automated cell production
  • Scalable production of iPS cell-derived neuronal organoids
  • Metabolic assay development


If you are interested in serving on our IAB, please feel free to contact Kai Rahnenführer via email ( for more information.



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